Your trusted service provider

We recognize that there is no shortage of IT talent in the DC Metropolitan area. However, when it comes to delivering a customized and comprehensive framework within governmental agencies, talent isn’t enough. Your organization needs a technology leader that understands the system, asks the right questions, and has the depth of both knowledge and experience to design and implement technology that is an asset to your organization’s success. 

Customer Support

Customer responsiveness is a strength of PPM. We believe that when "target" doesn't meet "actual", the speed and urgency to meet the Client's needs determines whether opportunities are won or lost, for us as well as our Clients. 
Whether it is one-on-one
support or a large scale call center solution, our motto is to communicate early and often with our Clients and end-users to provide guidance and address their unresolved issues.

Service DeliverY

We work collaboratively with each Client to deliver industry standards, best practices, and proven solutions that fit the unique nature of their organization.  

The imminent results are: 
•    Increased productivity and service delivery
•    Increased taxpayer satisfaction
•    Reduced overhead and infrastructure costs
•    Improved bond ratings

Many of our Senior Managers are renown public servants, with track records for getting things done in government and non-profits environments.  

All PPM staff execute with experience and dexterity in evaluating IT environments and implementing worthwhile solutions that are synergistic.  

Our know-how enhances your bottom-line, typically with no break or slowdown in your service delivery.