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You can now access our NEW e-Store through our site navigation! We are pleased to provide you with a comprehensive selection of products and equipment to address your organization’s technology needs. Please look around. But note that if, while browsing our selection, you get stuck, feel overwhelmed or feel unsure of what product answers your specific technology challenge, please give us a call. Our team of experts, is here to help make your process of engagement smooth and productive. 


As part of our mission to provide the DC Public School System with access to the best teaching and IT, our Founder, Rob Thorne launched Edutensils.com, an online store dedicated to providing teachers and students with the latest and greatest. Users must be approved by DCPS Office of Contracts and Acquisitions as a designated buyer for their School or Department.  Purchases can be made through a funded purchase order and DCPS American Express Card.

our partners

Our relationships, with many of the nation’s leading technology distributors and publishers, allow us to offer a vast array of in-demand products. By collaborating with us, not only do our clients have access to the latest tools, they receive unparalleled customer service and support.

your go-to CBE Vendor

Public Performance Management leverages Edutensils.com as an approved CBE Vendor and Amex Buy Down Partner.  PPM provides your organization with the opportunity to address your technical challenges quickly by using your government-issued purchase card and by-passing the red tape, headache, and unnecessary delays of the typical procurement process. 

Customer Support

Companies fold daily due to inferior customer service; they ignore the client’s requests, are slow to respond or show that they lack a solid understanding of the client’s needs and wants. This lack of service is usually detrimental to the company/client relationship.

We stake our reputation on our customer service. We have designed a culture that places a high value on understanding the client, delivering when we say we are going to (if not before), and working with a sense of purpose—urgency.

Ahead of “the pack.” Whether it is one-on-one project support or a large-scale call center solution, our philosophy is to communicate early and often with our clients and end-users and work as a partner to provide the guidance they seek and address their unresolved issues as soon as they arise. Our industry insights enhance your bottom-line, typically with no break or slowdown in delivery to you.

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